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Is there anybody famous on this forum?

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I just wondered if there is anybody famous out there who is willing to admit that they are on this forum. A racing driver, a rally driver, a celebrity of some sort, even a politician.

Come on, time to come out!
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I'm a bit disappointed you didnt recognise me in the first place Graham.

its me!! the Fazerman! the Dudemeister.......... El FZSserino. any way, the FZSsemans abites
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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 9 Jul 2011, 18:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When my car broke down I had it looked at by an electrical engineer, a hydraulic engineer, a mechanic and none of them could fix it. Then a Microsoft engineer checked it over and said 'Simple fix, we just close all the windows, turn it off, restart it, open all the windows and it will be fine'.

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QUOTE (Graham Lane @ 18 Feb 2012, 13:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Was it something we said?

no he just needed a panini and a cuppa tea
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1 - 4 of 159 Posts
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