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Is there anybody famous on this forum?

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I just wondered if there is anybody famous out there who is willing to admit that they are on this forum. A racing driver, a rally driver, a celebrity of some sort, even a politician.

Come on, time to come out!
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Seems like I'm the most famous person here then.

I was a finalist in HTV's 'You're the Boss' and been on property shows on TV a couple of times...the swimming pool episode of 'House Trapped in the Sun', which is repeated over and over again until the DVD wears out and on 'Dream Home Abroad', selling a house to an English couple who then went on to restore it with my help. I've also been in numerous pantomimes and plays. Beat that!

I was hoping Sir Stirling Moss or Jensen Button were secretly here as 132slotdriver and Gottalottaslot or something.
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In my opinion you should all be famous comedians! I laughed my head off* at some of those.

* I'm famous for losing my head.
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My sister was on the stage with Athur Askey and he gave her a teddy bear.
I don't think I've ever seen so many people on a thread as last night. It included three moderators!

Does this make me famous?
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QUOTE (scaleslotcars @ 5 May 2011, 09:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I played in a band called the 'Diamond Chestnuts' and we played at the Marquee club, the bass player and guitarist went on to play in John Ottway's band.

You played in Diamond Chestnuts!!! My favourite band of all time.
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QUOTE (superhornets @ 7 May 2011, 16:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Guys
My claim to fame was that I was allegedly nearly run over and seriously killed by an internationally famous film star
This story was realted to me a few years ago by an old slot racing mate from back in the 60s
when I was young i lived in Harrow and so did roger moore (aka james bond and simon templar )
some time during that period of time I had gone to a party with a few of my slot racing mates and since I have no memory of this incident ,I guess i must have drunk too much of the old "milk of amnesia"
Any way on leaving the party in the early hours I tripped on the curb and fell into the road .
At which point a white volvo P1800 screeched to a halt narrowly missing my prostrate body
some what alarmed by this ,a suave looking tall gentleman with a slightly cocked eye brow got out to see if he had damaged me
At which point I opened my eyes and exlaimed "F%/K me ,it's Its the Saint "

Does that make me famous ?

Cheers tony

For someone who has no memory of this incident you describe it surprisingly accurately, right down to the cocked eye-brow, even before you opened your eyes. Funny that. Anyway, we're glad you survived.
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QUOTE (slotheeed @ 25 May 2011, 10:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Right first time Panhardfan!!! I'm a trumpeter

Is that your answer to gasowder's question too?
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Look, probably the most famous person here is Russell Sheldon, who doesn't even hide behind a pseudonym.
QUOTE (athrlyth @ 8 Jul 2011, 23:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well I have read all that has been written in this thread and i think I got this one in the bag. Ya really I do and I'm not clutching at straws and I don't know any famous people. But Ladies and gentleman I would like to take the prize as the most famous person on here. You see Windows 7 was my idea.


You think that makes you famous? I'd keep that quiet if I were you!

When my car broke down I had it looked at by an electrical engineer, a hydraulic engineer, a mechanic and none of them could fix it. Then a Microsoft engineer checked it over and said 'Simple fix, we just close all the windows, turn it off, restart it, open all the windows and it will be fine'.
Let me guess. Buckinghamshire...Buckingham...Buckingham Palace. I know, you're a pop star. PRINCE!
Yes, but we can't help ourselves.

By the way, I noticed a little paperclip alongside the title for this thread. When you click it you get a photo of a breakdown truck with a minibus on the back. What's that all about?
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QUOTE (FZSsemans® @ 18 Feb 2012, 12:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Elvis has just left the forum

Was it something we said?
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