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Is there anybody famous on this forum?

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I just wondered if there is anybody famous out there who is willing to admit that they are on this forum. A racing driver, a rally driver, a celebrity of some sort, even a politician.

Come on, time to come out!
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QUOTE (RichG @ 3 May 2011, 19:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am the Stig. I have a sticker from a Birthday Card that proves it.

NO! I, is Stig! I even have the stickers on my slot box to prove it, and 2 T-shirts saying it.

See, I, am the Stig.
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I think that I am the only one to ever blow a tire and flip my 1995 Camarro 1LE race car 23 times down the back strait of the Portland International Raceway.

Great fun!!!!!!!! Took 6 months to learn how to walk again. I can remember asking my father just after the paramedics cut me from the car "Hows the car dad?" My father just looked at me and said "there is no car Joel" Then I passed back out. That was the last of my great racing career. But I have to admit that I am now thinking serious about going vintage road racing with my 1965 Corvette Roadster. Some people never learn.

I was an all singing, all dancing elf in Christmas pantos for a few years, as a kid.
Hey, I can beat all that,

I once met Graham Lane !!.

I appeared on "Radio Broken Hill" in an interview regarding UK Mining Engineers in Australia.

Plus, I sold sand to an Arab sheik, No, seriously, I did !!.

Went to Siberia for HMG, and came back "knackered", -- "From Russia Without Love" !!.

My Godmother won the Monte Carlo Rally, Ladies prize obviously !!.

Plus, I built "Trabbie", and "Bertie Beetle" !!.

Plus, I always seem to lend cars to others, who then beat me !!??. ( Ey up Robbie, Hi Mark, Hello Dick ).

Plus, I have a Duke of Edinborough's award for "modesty". That shows my age, eh ??.

I installed a Rover V8 in a Lotus Elite, and sold plans all over Europe.

I installed a Rover V8 in an MGB, and still run it in the summer.

I installed a Rover V8 in a vaccuum cleaner,__________ no I didn't, that's silly.

So it goes on !!.

VBR Chris A.
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My (sort of) claim to fame (and its 100% true!).

About 6 months back, I was sitting at a bar in Spain on holiday, drinking a Coke if those in blue are reading this, or a cold beer to me & you, when a
man, followed by a woman (I presume it was his wife), came up to me. He said 'Im sorry to ask you this mate, but for the last half an hour or so, I've been saying to my wife that you look a bit like Dale Winton, and you might be his brother. But she dosnt believe me, so, are you his brother'?

Now, at this point I had one of these moments, were you think half way through speaking 'Why the heck am I saying this'?

I replied 'Yes', just to see what happened. Just to claify, I am NOT Dale Wintons's brother, or any relation to him!

THis bloke turned round to his missus and said 'I told you!', then he said, 'so do you get like a special allowance from Dale for being his brother?'

Now, at this point (AGAIN) I had one of these moments, were you think half way through speaking 'Why the heck am I saying this', but I wanted to see how far I could push it.

I replied 'Yes' again, just to see his reaction.

The bloke at this point is nearly having a fit he is so excited, and asks to buy me a drink, which he does (I think it was some soft drink) (in hindsight it should have been a pint of Baileys Irish Cream...:-(!)

So for the rest of the holiday, everytime I see him around the resort, he shouts 'Hello, mate, how's Dale'!

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I`m a regular on Crimewatch UK.....but then again isn`t everyone from Sunderland?
In my opinion you should all be famous comedians! I laughed my head off* at some of those.

* I'm famous for losing my head.
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Returning from Early Birds 2009, on the train,the lady sitting oposite to me suddenly says ,sir,you look like Sean Connery.
(I guess she had a poor sight)
Back in 1975 or 76, I was doing a course at Brunel College Bristol. I was staying in a small B+B place
One evening, returned from college to find the old bill waiting for me.
Seems the B+B landlord had decided that I was Lord Lucan (You need to be 60+ to know about that) on the run.
I guess my 'home counties' accent and mustache was enough identikit for the landlord.
Fortunately, I was able to prove my real identity - and convince the detectives that I had not topped any nannies recently.
I never did figure out why the landlord would think that Lord Lucan would hide out in a scruffy Bristol B+B doing a tech college course!!!
Tom (The not-nanny-slayer).
Not guilty Lord Lucan Tom?
You`ve certainly moved far enough away from the crime scene!!

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About ten years ago I was relatively well known in motorcycle rally raid circles, not for any great riding talent though, more for picking other people up after they had fell off and for helping journalists when they'd broken down. I've appeared and been named in Trail Bike Magazine a few times and also gave an interview for the video of the 2002 Cambrian Rally.
My truck is a film star.

It had a cameo role in a British horror comedy called Doghouse a couple of years ago. I can't remember the name of the actor that played "me". Has anybody here seen it? I haven't! Danny Dyer was the lead, which is a good enough reason not to go and see a film. Aaw-right!

Here it is giving the vehicular "lead" a piggyback during some down time in the filming

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate


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My brother and I made it to the front of a newspapers when I was about 7 years old, because we won a puppet theater when entering a museum as number 10.000 or something like that.

My wife and daughter was on the front of the Berlingske Tidende (big newspaper in Denmark) 24th of December 1985. Title: "Christmas child of the year"
It was five days after my daugther was born and my father-in-law was working at the newspaper at that time, so I guess he had soemthing to do with it.
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Why are so many imposters trying to pretend to be me ... Ben Collins eat your heart out , I'm the stig
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If I told you, you'd have to kill me. Opps, too late, I'm in the ocean now.
I'm famous in the "unamed analyst" category About 25 years ago there was a big expose on 20/20 (US news program) about leaking nuclear waste in secret vessels at a secret government facility...blah, blah, blah. The upshot was that I was the guy doing the analysis to determine if there was a problem. The "expose" was largely cr*p (these are the same people who were horrified to discover you could roll a Jeep over!). Probably just as well I went "unamed" though *grin*

I was pit lane reporter for Sky Sports at the 1999 Formula Ford Festival. And did the press conferences for the 2009 Intercontinental Rally Challenge, but not often visible.

Oops, forgot. Top Gear magazine did a supplement when the original Ford Focus was launched, featuring a bloke in a red checked shirt throwing a 2.0 Zetec ESP around in all the pictures while attempting to make it look exciting.

That was me 'n'all.
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