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Is there anybody famous on this forum?

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I just wondered if there is anybody famous out there who is willing to admit that they are on this forum. A racing driver, a rally driver, a celebrity of some sort, even a politician.

Come on, time to come out!
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I used to present the English Television News in the Sultanate of Oman - and someone once asked me for my autograph on a flight from San Francisco to Japan - but that was the only time.....
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I met Murray Walker at Brands Hatch in 1985....

I also had an article I wrote about Scambaiting printed in my local newspaper, but as that has nothing to do with slots at all, I'm not going to mention it
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I was in several local news papers recently in relation to Tyneside Slot Car Club, I was quite impressed with my self, loads of people I know seen it and commented on it when they saw me and even the woman in the local petrol station commented, I felt famous for a few days!

I have also been on Galaxy North East radio a few times aswell for various uninteresting things

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After missing out on the Spartacus Joke I will have to confess;

I did appear on the front of Sports Illustrated in Aug 2006 when the Open Golf came to Hoylake, dressed in my fire kit under the unfortunate heading "What is up with the Village People".

Also a small photo shoot and a short interview in the supplement!

Back in the day I made 3 appearances on the legendary Tiswas - one as part of a piece with John Gorman Alais poor yorrick sketch, one as a cub and phantom flan flinger's helper (the georgeous Sally James) and finally as a member of the Sealed Knot and re-enactor of the English Civil War.

Oh and my Squash Coach was Jonah Barrington; World Champeen a couple of times!

The Irishman Eric Millar (Ireland No.8) also put me in hospital after an enthusiastic game of rugby (Yes he has got huge hands!)


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You`ve been on Tiswas BSN...that`s it, you`re the most famous out there!
I almost got run over by Sir Stirling Moss on a scooter in the pits at Silverstone and I once got soaked with a bucket of water by Eddie the Eagle.

Cheers - Phil
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I've pissed on some ones Ferrari late one night at Le Mans, and my real name is Mary!
Also, I had my first car, a heavily modified Ford Fiesta in 'Redline' magazine many moons ago! I was impressed with that!

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I'm a legend in my own mind...

I've interviewed John Surtees, Bob Bondurant, and Oscar Kovaleski... and got a ride in an F50 Spyder driven by Phil Hill...

Does that count?

I suspect that if at any point we consider our selves as famous then we are probably not!
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I was a ball boy at a televised tennis tournament in 1978. Ilie Nastase shouted at me for getting in his way during a warm-up. "Are you f***king stupid kid!!". There's no answer to that.
I was "Surfin' Stan," the top-rated (read "only") rock DJ on radio station KSRC in Socorro, New Mexico from 1964-67. We had a listening audience of oh, at least 1,000....
My son Slotform userid "bhp" won the Boots the Chemist (Wokingham Branch) beautiful baby competition
My sister was on the stage with Athur Askey and he gave her a teddy bear.
I was on TV when I was about 13. We had sailed from Portsmouth to Cherbourg and right into a French industrial dispute. What was supposed to be a late evening crossing of the channel turned into a three day (nonpleasure) cruise as we tried one French port after another without any luck of docking and disembarking. All were blockaded by fishermen, and some passengers onboard tipped our garbage into their boats...
Finally, after abandoning any hope of landing in France, and 3 days stuck onboard, we returned to Portsmouth whereupon we were besieged by the press and TV.

To save the holiday we drove from Portsmouth to Dover, crossed the Channel to Zeebrugge and then drove back to our villa near Cherbourg. All in all we lost about 5 days out of a 2 week holiday.

Other than that I was a non paid extra in a Harrison Ford movie, I forget the name, but it is set in Washington DC (not to be mistaken with Washington, CD. County Durham). I have such a bit part, I find it hard identifying myself.

Do I have a claim to fame?

Of course I am also the real Mr Bond, and no relation to that fictional chappy James. However, I am definitely not Sparticus.


PS, My Great Uncle was Frank Barson... The Vinnie Jones of his day, and played for Aston Villa, Manchester United and once for England.
Frank Barson
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Now you're scraping the barrel Graham.
My sister was once kissed by wrestler Big Daddy...!! Beat that.

I made the front cover of the Isle of Man Echo (daily paper) and the front cover of the Morgan Sports Car Club magazine some years ago.

This is fun but I think it's fairly safe to say that nobody on here is famous OR they're too famous to tell us about it.
"Only topics related to the Slot Car hobby and Motoring will be allowed."

Yes, I'm famous for being a grump.
This has got to win "The Best Thread Of 2011" award.
QUOTE (hankscorpio @ 4 May 2011, 02:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm not the mesaih im just a very naughty boy
Hello Brian.

QUOTE (Flange @ 4 May 2011, 09:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Why are so many imposters trying to pretend to be me ... Ben Collins eat your heart out , I'm the stig
Look, I already provided concrete evidence that I am in fact the Stig, so stop trying to take the glory.

QUOTE (richardtheforth @ 4 May 2011, 10:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm Brian... and so is my wifeBut Sean already said he is Brian.

QUOTE (distantkiwi @ 4 May 2011, 10:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If I told you, you'd have to kill me. Opps, too late, I'm in the ocean now.Osama Bin Laden is was into slots?
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