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Pete Shepherd
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Hi Guys,

I race weekly at my local club but also have a home track which I use on my own. I would like to know if there is anything available like the old Pacer unit that Scalextric made a few years ago so that I can race against something when I am on my own at home.

My track is a 2 lane Carrera with DS laptiming and I have zero friends!

Any info is welcome.



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Well for a start you could start by coming to Colchester every week

Second you could always invite people round to race on your track.
Third you could race against the clock with a Carrera timing bridge - you can try mine out to see if you like it.
Fourth you could wire a Pacer to your Carrera track.

David Collins
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I think you should still be able to find Scalex Challengers about through eBay like this one, and they can be used with any plastic track, or wood come to that - the track bit is just a couple of magnets fitted under the track before the start lane. I'd also recommend a proper timing system - I use Brent Carlson's Sensor Harness which can be used with any track system and plugs straight into a computer (which can be pretty old, and therefore cheap). Being able to watch your lap times is pretty useful, and can be satisfying if you can improve!


Carrera used to have a so-called RMS, Racing Management System. With that you can drive a car around and then the system learns the track so you can race it. There is a base unit, a software unit and two extension units to be able to drive against 5 cars on a six-laner
Also two thumb controllers are included.

They are no longer produced so try the German ebay (the .de) or ask for a unit on one of the German forums, and

Also you could buy a black box and go digital ................
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