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Isle of Wight Slot shops ?

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Does anyone know if there are any, and were they are ?
Its fun driving the wife nuts looking in slot shops when on hols, she gets to feel how I do in shoe shops !
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Nothing Slot Car there when I last went. Not even Scalextric in the few toy shops. All seaside stuff.
It's good to be wrong sometimes. We used to holiday IOW every year. Years ago I did find a small shop that used to sell a bit of "proper" slot car stuff but it's long gone now. That was back when if you found something imported from Spain that was Scalextric from Exin Lines you were very lucky. I don't think the internet was around even..... All change now. Get what you like, when you like, delivered to your door right from the comfort of your armchair. Or, with a smartphone, the privacy of the smallest room in the house! LOL.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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