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Isle of Wight Slot shops ?

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Does anyone know if there are any, and were they are ?
Its fun driving the wife nuts looking in slot shops when on hols, she gets to feel how I do in shoe shops !
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Resurrecting an old thread I know but I've just popped into Toymaster shop in Ryde which had a selection of individual Scalextric cars, the rally Start twin pack and a decent array of tracked sets. I saw Start, Sports, Digital and even plenty of HO which was nice to see. And the Demolition Derby set so that was cool. Strangest item was a really old pack of 45 degree 9" Micro bends! Plus an optimistically priced Olympic cycling set.

I also clocked a sign above the trains that said 10% off of Hornby so if that includes Scalextric it could be useful.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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