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It must be a Spanish thing..

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Ever wondered why a Ninco ? BMW mini comes with Bimbo livery on it? Well, it turns out that Bimbo is a brand of bread!!

The main bus company in Tenerife is very rude - it's called TITSA!! Check out their site:-

Brought some amusement whilst over there. "Look at the size of those TITSAs! (pair of bendy buses)"

"What a nice pair of TITSAs (driving down the autopista - motorway in Tenerife)"

"He's made a right TITSA of that! (broken down bus)"

Hehe...ahh simple things eh?

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theres a villahe near us called brymbo, I have on several counts thought about buying some tipp-ex or white paint and find all the signs
although 1 has already been bodged
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