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it starts

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managed to win some classic scalextric track last night on ebay so i guess i am going to have to get in the garage and clear myself some space and make some tables up , i was going to stick with HO but after popping round a friends house and looking at his set up i decided to go with 1/32
also going to trawl the american ebay site to see if anything nice pops up over there as the mother in law lives there and we get food parcels every now and then so should beable to fit a few bits in there as well

well off out into the cold see you in a few hours

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I know where your coming from fella, in a mater of a couple of months went from classic to sports and have now gone digital.
Have found quite a bit of old stuff in the loft, purchased quite a bit of stuff off ebay and some cars off here. Along with a few visits to Modelzone, yep i'm skint Welcome to the club lol
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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