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NSR advertise the fact that they have won the Italian championship 5 times. Nothing wrong with that concept. But how are the championship (rules) constructed? And has the car/chassis been designed to exploit these specific rules? In an interesting post on another forum a North Italian GT-inline championship, with handout motors and tyres, were given to the entrants who I assume drove a variety of (their own??) cars. In this format the NSR struggled. In fact the car to have was the ScaleAuto Radical. Allowing for a slightly weird championship of makes scoring system (my opinion), where points were allocated to all cars of the same make and not just the top finishing car of that make, the Scale Auto Radiacal was the car to have, more so than the NSR's and slotit's.

So is the Italian Championship a Formula Libre, where anything goes? Any motor (with I assume mag downforce), any tyre treatment etc?? and in this environment it thrives?

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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