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ItaliaSlot just published pictures from the past week-end :

The event was held in Soragna (near Parma) - that's where the famous "La Scala of slots" is, but a purpose built (and therefore not as nice) 8 lane Ninco track was used - so that there would be no home advantage

There were about 80 entrants for each of the 3 categories : Classic, DTM and GT

The interesting (some would say maddening) thing is that Salvatore Noviello/ Mr. NSR won GT, came in 2nd in Classic and 3rd in DTM - and the guy had only raced once in the entire season, a regional race so he could qualify for the Nationals !!

And, his sidekicks won both Classic and DTM - I guess it's good publicity for NSR's megagrip (or whatever) tires

If you want to spot him in the pictures, it might help that he's affectionately (??) known as "the dwarf"


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