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Italian trouble...

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Hi guys...

Together with one of my race-buddies I bought a new Fly Alfa 147.
I have the red one, he has the white one... the third race-buddie will wait untill the new version comes out and races my SCX Seat Leon in our "Hot Hatch Cup" for the moment...

We raced it a while last night... (on mondays we race endurances) and both Alfa's had trouble with the front wheels... in fact... only with the right front wheel... so we both had to give up our race... and the Leon won both the races...

The first 50 laps my Alfa drove great... I love how the car drives... it's pretty fast on the straights and you can go late on the brakes with it... (like the Leon)... The white one drove not that good... (or was it the driving style? I had a 7.0 on my track, the white one had a 7.7). But in lap 60 the car slowed down very much... and after a good checkup we saw the right front wheel was much looser then the left one... and it hit the fender constantly...

We checked the white Alfa on that... and it was also the right front wheel that was rubbing against the fender... and the left one was in place... just like mine...

Strange ha? Do you guys have the same problems? If it was only my 147 that has the right wheel trouble, I would try to fix it without making a fuss about it... But I think it's strange both our Alfa's have the same flaw...

So, do you guys have the same problems? And if yes... what did you do to fix it?

Two pictures of my Italian beauty...


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Hmmmm, this is an interesting one. My first thought are simply wear, but that does seem a bit excessive for such a short racing duration. Is the problem the stub axle or the chassis I wonder?

I have only had good reports so far on both these models even though I have had loads of reports telling me the red one races faster than the white one (Bizarre or what!!) I am yet to come across any other problems. However, I will monitor the situation and if more like this come to light I will have a chat to Fly themselves.

tDI, replacement front wheels and axles in the post today.

1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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