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taken from pendle slot message board..


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My 956 arrived today. This was a somewhat unusual purchase for me - I don't buy many RTRs other than those I need for our local racing series and some unusual (typically old cars) limited edition resins - I generally prefer to roll my own. I was taken with the detail shown in the published photos and have used a lot of Slot-It parts in my scratch built cars and like their quality so......

It is just out of the box and has not turned a wheel but I am delighted by the attention to detail and the workmanship.

A couple of observations ( with no value judgement implied)

1. The guide has much less slop than the typical plastic RTR car

2. there is no vertical play in the front axle - this permits a very good looking, true to prototype narrow gap between the tires and the fender opening but will require careful attention to guide height and perhaps some adjustment of same on different tracks.

3. the removable motor bracket, the slot for a spur gear, and, of course, the pictures that Russell has posted of his potential Marconi entry suggest a readily done sidewinder refit. Is this a standard Slot-It part or something yet to come?

Now, let's see - where did I put those small white LEDs and the rectangular red ones?

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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