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Hi from Jadlam Racing Models.

This weeks deal is a Set, You might all be thinking "I already have everything I need", but the truth is buying a set can quite often be the cheapest way to get extra bits for your layout. Not only do you get 2 lovely Ford GT40's (which arent available seperately from Scaley) but you get a decent amount of track and obviously all of the power components (Which will be a blessing if your PB goes bang.)

(Expires end of Wednesday 15th June 2011)

Scalextric Classic GT Set C1233

Exclusive to Jadlam Racing Models.
A huge 25ft circuit with two superb rare Ford GT cars, No.9 and No.11, see the listing on the website for more info.

Weekly Deal Price £130 (Whilst stocks last)

Was £149.99

To purchase this item, please follow the link above to the website and use promotion code WD1 in the Basket for the discount to be applied.

Now not a Weekly Deal, but a bit of News.
This week the postman brought some more goodies, this time the Aston Martin Gulf LMP Car C3188. It arrived just in time for the full scale Le Man 24hr which takes place this weekend, (Although Aston Martin are running a new Petrol car this year the AMR-One!)
Either way its a great looking car and from a quick study it looks like its the exact same model from the C3055a Aston Martin Box set released last year, see Slot Forum Review.
Available at our website for £31.99

As you all know Facebook is the latest craze, at Jadlam Racing Models we have had to move with the time and create our very own Facebook "Page". At the moment its rather sad looking and full of posts by ourselves. What I ask is, If you are one of these "Facebookers" who love to spend every spare minute prying on peoples personal lives please pop over to our page "Like" us and post a photo of something Slot orientated! We love to see anything Slot and even more so if its something we have supplied!!Link to Jadlam Facebook page

If you have any problems or need any questions answering please email us at [email protected]

Also if you have any suggestions for a deal, let us know. If enough people want the same thing we'll see what we can do.

Kindest Regards,

Jadlam Racing Models
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