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Hi from Jadlam Racing Models.

Being Slot "Car" enthusiasts I also imagine you love to watch 1/1 scale cars flying around a circuit. In which case some of you may have spent the weekend watching the triathalon of Motorsports. We had the eventful Le Mans 24 which seen a couple spectacular Audi's end up in the spare parts bin, the wet but rather boring Moto GP and finally the marathon 4hr Montreal Grand Prix.

If you havent seen the race its worth watching, our own Jenson Button storms from 21st to win the race on the last lap, having gone through the pits 6 times!

Anyway this leads us onto our weekly deal, Scalextric C3046 Jenson Button. (PS - This item is a great idea for anyone who already has the current Hamilton Scalextric car, you'll be able to try and smack Jenson of the track at the end of the straight.)

(Expires end of Wednesday 22nd June 2011)

Scalextric C3046 Jenson Button

Great DPR Model

Weekly Deal Price £25 (Whilst stocks last)

Was £31.99

To purchase this item, please follow the link above to the website.

If you have any problems or need any questions answering please email us at [email protected]

Also if you have any suggestions for a deal, let us know. If enough people want the same thing we'll see what we can do.

Kindest Regards,

Jadlam Racing Models
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