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Alan Tadd
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I collect slot cars in the Jagermeister Livery.

I'm gradualy getting together the cars to form the basis of the collection but I would be grateful if anyone knows of any additional models, or source of possible donor cars.

The ones I know of are :-

Ford Capri - Fly Model
BMW M1 - Scalextric Model reliveried, did SCX do one?
Chevron B21 - Fly Model
Porsche 911 - Scalextric relivery or new Ninco model?
Alfa Romeo 155 - Scalextric relivery
BMW M3 (E30) - Scalextric Relivery
BMW M3 (E36) - Does anyone make this model?
BMW M3 (E43) - Fly Model
Porsche 966 Spyder - Haven't got a clue?
Porsche 934 RSR - Carrera Model or poss MRRC?
March Ford (Single seater) - Haven't got a clue?
March BMW(Single Seater) - Ditto
Porsche 917/10 Can Am Fly Model
Porsche 956 Relivery



Jan Groosmuller
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QUOTE (58fury @ 24 Mar 2004, 23:24)Ninco did a Alfa a few years back. Not sure but i thought it was a 156, but i could be waaay wrong on that.
close.... as a matter of fact it was an Alfa 155...

Also Fleischmann did a 935 turbo... piccie can be seen at Fleischmann cars

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Dont know if you're sticking to 1:32 slot cars but in HO scale Matchbox done a BMW slot car in the Jagermeister livery, you can actually run those on 1/32 track, but crossover lanes can be a problem.


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I am a real Gulf racing collector but Jagermeister en Martini are also nice liveries to collect. A few additions on Jagermeister:

Alfa 155 DTM - Ninco 50105
Porsche 934 - Ninco (coming soon)
Mini Cooper truck - Slotissimo (PRS)
Fiat Abarth - Slotissimo (PRS)

There must be someone on the WWW having collection Jagermeister slot cars. If someone knows a nice web site about Jagermeister slot cars please let him post this url.


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QUOTE (Neo @ 25 Mar 2004, 12:05)

Porsche 935 Jagermeister (Exin.) Very dificult to find

This car is mine!!!
Porsche 935 Jagermeister manufactured by Exin (Spain) in 80's (between 1983 and 1986)
Is not a tipical orange Jagermeister car (I have one of this, too

Some info about this model:

- colors: white, light blue, orange and red
- red color distributed in complete sets only (for this reason, it's very dificult to find.)
- "Martini" decoration for colors: white and light blue
- "Jagermeifter" decoration for colors: orange and red

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