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Gary Skipp
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My Dyson/Thetford car was looking ver sorry for itself, the super gt class at the club is puniching for the cars when they come off, 30,000 rpm motors and mags.

I decided to give it a respray in the orange Jagermeister colours, one reason amongst others were that it'd be easy to mark for lanes, with no orange lane at the club.

GeeBee sorted me some decals (thanks!) and also reccomended some VW Brilliant Orange paint. One trip to Halford's later and I was spraying and sticking.


The body is on very loose so it might look a tad od, seeing as it's usually a tight fit. I'm also going to make some more lenses for the front lights out of plastic bubble packaging from a hot wheels car, again thanks to GeeBee for planting that idea in my head.

I think its very attractive, and allthough its no masterpeice, it is for racing so I'm in no doubt it'll be scuffed again. It'll stand out that's for sure.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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