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Here´s the latest car to ride on the Desmo. The car belongs to Thomas, my younger son, he also dedided on the paint scheme and also painted the car, with just very little help, mainly placing the masking tape.
chassis: Artin
motor: SlotCarExpress Fyrebox-1
pinion: 8 tooth ranch-design
crown: artin
axles and rims: artin
tires: K&D racing tires, glued to the rims, trued, sealed fronts with CA
SlideGuide with high flexible silicone cables
body: ElectraFlying
colors: Revell enamel and water based, clear coat: Future, all painted with brush, don´t like dipping the bodies in future, so i painted the future in 4 layers, gives a nice shine ...

The car runs great on the desmo @ 10V. The motor has great accelaration and wonderfull heavy breaking, just right. the long motorshaft makes it easy to build in in all kind of chassis, fits great to the Ranch-Design adjustable chassis as well as into the artin chassis, just needed some spacers left and right, made out of an old credit card.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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