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Jan 2nd

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Hi, Patrick & Thomas here, looking forward to the New Year challenge, but, forgot what time it starts and its format, could anyone from ENSCA let know?

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Well, a PM to Ben sorted out the details, and, quite an event, lots of excited youngsters clutching toyshop bags stuffed with new Hornby product (and some - less excited - older ones too it has to be said).

4 hours of racing, a small buffet, and I got joint ninth, with my son getting a fourth.

Thanks to Ben and his Dad, and others - not too good with names - the proposed track extension looks like quite a project.

Glad you enjoyed it!

The question is........ How will magless racing go? Any thoughts?
Also, I need to use the forum more for ENSCA news!
Oh, yes, I did forget the Magless racing rounds.

As may have been expected it reminded me that you do have to 'relearn' how to drive.... Thoroughly enjoyed it too, must be said. Have got numerous 'pre-magnatraction' hornby cars, will have to rifle through the loft to find them and check against the chipping database as to just how to do it.

Ben, you did mention No Sillycone tyres, no Hot-Motors, how about 4WD? That is if I can bring myself to butcher an RS200, and as for ballast I am sure I have some off-cuts of sheet lead in the back of the Van. I look forward to others takes on what will/will not work, when the new controllers are installed instead of the current ones, that may smoooooooth things out a tad.

(FWIW, Thomas and I would not be at the next 09th Jan meet, so will see you 16th)

No - RWD cars only!! Jimmy asked the same, but 4WD would be too advantagous........

See you in the 16th.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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