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Recently posted on the Scalextric site. Apparently Jeremy Clarkson claims to know "the secret" to winning Scalextric races. What is his big secret I wonder? This is the story as posted:-


"Well actually, last Friday's showing of 'This Morning' on the ITV television channel. The Scalextric Roadshow was again in action but this time for a quick celebrity race between Fern Britton and Philip Scofiled pitting their wits against the one and only Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame.
The game plan was that Fern and Philip would beat Jeremy. We organised a race set up that found Mr. Clarkson 'at the wheel' of a Vauxhall Vectra towing a caravan. He wouldn't win with this, would he? For those of you familiar with the Top Gear motoring program, these two vehicles are Jeremys overwhelming pet hates!
Jeremy looked confident and announced he knew the secret to winning Scalextric races. Guess what, he did! A gentle amble round the circuit completing the course by smshing in to the caravan with Vectra saw Fern and Philip still recovering their crashed BMW Mini Coopers from the barriers and gifting the race to Jeremy. A jubilant Clarkson, Fern and Philip all had a great time albeit very fast and furious - but that's TV for you!"

I think Clarkson's secret is to only race against crap competition.

I'll take him on any time. He'd still probably win!

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