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"Jersey Circuit" - a WiP

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As some of you might remember, in 2010 I started a request in this forum about pictures from the former racetrack at St.Helier, Isle of Jersey (

It took another three years, until I could start with my project. It is a „work in progress", I think it will give me some inspirations in the next few years...A nice place in the attic of my house...

It is a 19,5m 4-lane Carrera-track combined with a routed part, that will be a „harbour area" in the future.

The idea was to create a 50-60´s road track with a „british" atmosphere. As far as I know, there have never been road circuits on the british isle because of some governments restrictions (am I right?). But for several years, beginning in 1947, there has been a road track in St.Helier, isle of Jersey. So that´s, where my slotracing track might be located....

The track was made race-ready in the first six month of the last year. Each lane has its own stabilized power unit. Race management and lap counting is done with „racecontrol" using the „SlotMan"- Software (

The track layout is simple, because I wanted to have a track to have fun even with not experienced slotracers and because its not easy to build a 4-lane track around a defined opening:

This was one of the first layouts, no routed parts at that time.

Building the track....

The routing is done:

The routed part, that in the future will be the „Harbour of St.Helier":

As a born model-railroader, for me one of the main parts is building the scenery. I have got a lot of inspiration from several of the tracks, that are shown in this forum, and I have to say thank you for that! Some of you are so good modelers, that I hardly dare to show my own results...

The black-uniformed firefighters are converted from german WW-I-soldiers:

The scenery will be built in several parts, so I can build them and put them in place step by step.

A paddock building, made of cardboard:

Spectators parking area:

The Grandstand, yet empty, because the spectators are waiting to be painted...

The Pitbuilding and Pitlane. That is, what I´m working at the moment. From a former track, I had a small pitbuilding, that had to be enlarged:

The most of the interior is made of cardboard, printed out from different sources like Carrera for Fun or Pedemann

The interior is mostly completed now and many of the figures are painted:

Thank you for your patience to see all these pictures!

Your comments are welcome!

(to be continued - The next step will be to build the tank system on the rooftop.... )
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Most excellent
This must be one of the best layout with some serious scenery out there. For one, the track width is realistic and the amount of scenery is not overwhelming. I love that ingenious use of the space by tilting the roof of the paddock to fit the roof of the attic.
Very nice sense of proportion and retains drivability which is often the undoing of landscaped tracks. Those links are nice to know about as well. Thank you

Keep us posted,
A very nice build.
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Beautiful work Taffy,
Thanks for posting your pictures.
Great build!

Having rallied on parts of the Jersey race track (the closed roads) it still looks very much like it did way back when
Most of the buildings are probably the same as they were when the track was used.
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That's just Brilliant! My friend and I built our first serious slot track in his attic in the early '60s and your's brings it all back. I love your crashed sharknose, complete with seriously injured driver being carted off.

I'm going to shamelessly raid your thread for ideas one day, when I've got time to build another track.

You're basically correct concerning British government and motor racing. You had to go to N. Ireland or the Isle of Man (or Jersey apparently!!) to watch motor racing. Rallying, hill climbing and time trialling are excluded from this restriction of course.


A wonderfully crafted circuit. Keep going and keep sharing it with us please.

Great work. The track is has a good flow and the scenery has many elements that are rarely seen and some new to me. The smoke coming out of the car, great idea and also easy to do, one can not ask for more.

There are two things would love know and would be very grateful if you find the time to answer.

1) Where do you source your banners?

2) Some info on how you did several of the accessories in the pits.

Will follow this thread from now on.
WOW, I didn´t expect so many reactions!

@all: Thank you for your kind words, and yes, I will update this thread! As I said, this is a long-term project, but I will continue and -hopefully- finish any time.

@GRUNZ: the roof of the attic has a very low angle, so I had to think about solutions for the areas with only low height for the scenery. Cutting the Paddock´s roof was one of these ideas.

@Old Johnny: two things are important for me: 1. the track must be a good test track for my scratchbuilt cars in 1:32 and 1:24, that I drive on several clubtracks AND it should give me tha chance to play with other slotracers, even not experienced ones, from time to time. 2. I want to create a detailed scenery that looks "as if" (that´s from my model-railroader-history)

@Erik: you are a lucky man, rallying on the isle of Jersey!
Having seen a very, very good contemporary colour motion picture from the 1947´s international formula race in "Motorfilms quarterly", I have surfed the web and specially YouTube to find out more about the isle of Jersey. There are some nice little films from the 50´s-60´s on YouTube.
But I have never been there. Having read and seen so much about Jersey, I would like to spend some holidays there. Unfortunally, one could say, its not a less expensive place...

@coides: when I can bring back the 60´s to you, then you can say, that I´m on the right way...
The crashed sharknose I have found by chance in the dirt of the street near my house several years ago . Don´t know, who might have lost it there, because old Scalextric cars are not common subjects of loss in Germany... I had bought the BRM/Sharknose couple in front of the pits several months before I found the yellow one, so I saw the yellow spot and immediately realized, what it was. A lucky moment in my life....

@rallyP: The plan to build a track like this was in my mind for at least 8 or 9 years, and I have been surfing and looking for any useful things in the web since then. So I have been looking for banners and 60´s advertising pictures for a long time.
And I like all these papercard-things. A great source (it is in German, but that doesn´t matter; and at this moment, unfortunally it is partially down, but I hope this is a temporary problem) is There you can find many things I have used for detailing the pits.
I convert the pdf-files of the papercard-design to jpg-files, so I can cut out details using PaintShop and rearrange them like I want. Are there any special things you are interested in? ( I´m sorry, I cannot tell about all single details, because my english isn´t so good and I need much time to write in english language. I apologize for all my mistakes, too!)

Yesterday I have finished the gasolin tank on the rooftop of the pitbuilding. It is made of an after-shave-packing made of tin. The "fuel pipes" are mated straws. The battery box of the pitbuildings lighting will next be painted in grey like a power distribution box.

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Just a super track! I love the detailing you are doing (especially in the pits) and the layout looks like a nice runner.

The only issue I see is safety - is the chair in front of the attic steps
If so, be careful!
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QUOTE (Taffy @ 2 Feb 2015, 20:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>@Erik: you are a lucky man, rallying on the isle of Jersey!
Having seen a very, very good contemporary colour motion picture from the 1947´s international formula race in "Motorfilms quarterly", I have surfed the web and specially YouTube to find out more about the isle of Jersey. There are some nice little films from the 50´s-60´s on YouTube.
But I have never been there. Having read and seen so much about Jersey, I would like to spend some holidays there. Unfortunally, one could say, its not a less expensive place...

Have a watch of this to see what the Jersey roads are like
Jersey Rally
- I'm in the red 6R4 and the Evo parked up a bank
- the night stage when Escort number 4 spins is part of the road they used for the race circuit.

Jersey is very scenic but also sauteuer
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@ David: thank you for the security advice
. But no, the driver doesn´t sit in front of the attic steps.
Here you can see the driver´s positions:

@Erik: Thank you very much for this link! Great action! I rarely have seen so narrow roads...with one exception: in the early 80´s I went in my holidays through a small spanish village with my Innocenti 120L, and the road was tighter and tighter and the sun burnt hot and suddenly the road ended, and I had to go back all the way through the village in reverse gear. I will never forget the evil eyes of the villagers...
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Great Track love the gas holding tank . Thanks for sharing
Just saw this on Facebook and thought you might like it
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@Erik: Thank you very much, that is a very nice picture and a very good inspiration. I had already planned to build a garage/service station for the harbour area, now I have got a blueprint!

This weekend, I have worked on the interior of the race control building, and here is the result:

Most things are made of cardboard, mostly customized versions from Carrera4Fun.
The desk lamp is made of Rhine stones and copper wire.

The authorized personnel at work:

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The entrance gate to the spectator´s parking lot looked a little bit empty, so I decided to fill it up with a motorcyclist buying a parking ticket.

I had:
- a tin figure of a female conductor
- a motorcycle from NewRay
- a MRRC-racingdriver

I had to do the conversion from the standing driver to a sitting ton-up-boy, so I had to cut off his legs and to strengthen them for fitting to the bike:

The conductor has got the official uniform of the circuit personnel: red jacket/ grey trousers or skirt.
Here is the result:

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Great work Taffy!
Wow, just wow.... Not shure if I ever want to publish my thread.. The standard of this forum is too high : /
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