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QUOTE (LMP04 @ 19 Nov 2004, 05:26)Good greif!

My Espanol isnt too good but I think I know what thats about.

A Bablefish translation of the Spanish post to English. Informative and amusing...

"Scalextric" it marks to JIADA or something thus... It is that I have approached a store of toys near house and looking for scalextrics in the distance I see the boxes in mogollon and piled I approach not without letting notice something strange and oh surprise! I see that they are an imitation. Thinking that they would be of those crummy cripple in a box, I open it and I see that it takes 2 cars 1:32 with its brushes and so (minardi and the jaguar) obvious without any type of reference to both marks nor publicity with real names but both cars are immediately identifiable. The circuit is an ellipse I create of 2-3 straight lines by side and 8 curves to estandar, two controls calcaditos to which give to SCX in their circuits and the transformer that announces like superwuoster or something thus. Impeccably sealed Tdo. The tracks are compatible with scalextric although they seem to have less grip and to be more rigid. Good because the price of the set ascends to the amount of.....24!!!!! euros.... Some of you is vsto that way, it knows it, it is worth the trouble......

My favorites are:

mogollon - What's a mogollon and why are the boxes in it?

crummy cripple in a box - A bit harsh for just a game leg, don't you think?

the transformer that announces like superwuoster - I want one of those!

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