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I just whooshed through it, and it's amazing what you can pick up just from the use of the Emoticons and some very shaky Spanish! So less than thirty quid buys you a reasonable sized figure of eight circuit and two four wheel drive cars. I think there is some consternation at the fact that the company producing this (which has to be the same producer that Techni-Toys use, surely) can ship it for this price, while SCX branded product is 4-5 times the cost.

Now the question is: Have TechniToys shot themselves in the foot by allowing this and upsetting their regular Spanish customers or have their legal department not tied things up tightly enough to prevent this "copying" or, of course, taking their lead from the Spanish firms in the past (SCX McLaren MP4. Ninco Harrods McLaren GTR) have the Chinese just gone ahead, leaving the worrying about consequences till later.

And will Grah soon be reporting a new find in the pound shops over here?

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