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A friend of mine came to visit me from out of town, Johannesburg, and I took him and his 4 year old son to the club one evening. the kid was a real natural. But the best off all was the look and expressions on his face.

So the weekend he, my friend, came across these sets in a local chinese cash & carry store. It's the F1 oval and it only cost him R160 (just over $20). the afternoon he phoned me to come and have a look at it. I must say it's not too bad. Everything is based on SCX. The controllers, tracks and powersupply is compatible with with SCX.

The cars are not too bad. I could not test it on a "real" track, but they stick pretty well on the track included. The 2 best parts of the cas is that they are not tamp printed and just covered with decals and it's very easy to remove. The stickers are pretty crummy and all the sponsors are spelled wrong. The other things is, although they are basically SCX chassis, the front wheels does not turn and have a metal straight axle through. So no chassis to break. I want to get a set just for the cars. Maybe repaint them in Ferrari colours but mostly for children to race with on my wooden track.
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