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I've become increasingly aware that there are a lot of Jim Clark devotees on SlotForum. In my opinion he was the greatest driver of all time and the world changed for me on the 7th April 1968.

Everyone associates Clark with Team Lotus as he drove exclusively for them in F1 from 1960 to 1968 and you would at first think that any model collection of cars that he drove would be a small number of British Racing Green single-seaters and they would perhaps look a bit dull in a dispaly cabinet.

In fact when you look at the whole of his career he drove a wide range of cars of many makes from Sunbeam Talbots through to Nascars in all sorts of events from auto-tests, rallying, Le Mans as well as US oval racing.

It occurred to me that a thread showcasing people's slot cars of the great man would be very interesting as it usually involves either scratchbuilding or repaints to create the specific race car.

To get it started here are a few of my small collection of his cars.

A simple repaint and decals of the Carrera D-type Jaguar to represent Clark's 1958 Border Reivers car.

Scratchbuilt chassis fitted to a resin copy of the 1964/65 Monogram Lotus 33 bodyshell.

An Airfix bodyshell repainted and fitted with spotlights on a converted Scalextric chassis to represent Jim's 1966 RAC Rally Lotus-Cortina.

I know there must be lots of slot cars out there - lets see them here please.


I really like these cars, as I am a big Jim Clark and Lotus fan. I think one of the things so appealing about these great drivers is they drove so many different kinds of cars. Rally cars single seaters ect.

This kind of collection would make a great museum theme.


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There's my little Lotus 40 on various threads...
I bought 2 MRRC Cortina kits, one to do as Jim's track car, the other as an Alan Mann racer, to keep the P68 company!
Plus I'm very fond of my Slot Classic Aston Martin Zagato with Jim at the wheel.
Off-and-on project (now slightly on again 'cos of the small car proxy) is my Lotus 23- you wouldn't happen to have any pics of Jim in his epic Nurburgring debut (?) with that car would you David?

I agree, Rail- a VERY nice idea for a museum display.

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Thought there would be more contributors to this---- let see those pics now

lotus 34 - Built by Derek Cooper..........very very basic 60's Airfix model so you can see just how much work was done on this car!!!

Lotus 38 Built by Phil Smith - another superb car with an incredible amount of detail..

Lotus 43 BRM....
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