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Now you have a real chance to make a difference. Do you want to design Hornby catalogues, packaging, magazines and adverts?

Also help with websites and software graphics?

If you think you are up to this challenge then visit for more information.

Sadly I am not qualified to apply in person but I suspect that there are folk here who are!

If you had the job what would you do?

Would it be a clean sweep and out with the old and in with the new?

If not then how would you develope and utilise the brand images?

Are you part of the "if it ain't broke there is no need to fix it" fraternity?

Would you attempt to update the image and could you guarantee that the image is as enduring over the next 40 years as it has been over the last 40?

Provide examples of your work here for the Slotforum committee to review (laugh at)!

And could you keep your work a big secret or would you feed the salivating Slotforum audience with little gems of inside info?

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