NEW - Analogue Lights-Board available: Johnny's Workshop Analogue Lights-Board | eBay
This analogue board will allow you to have brake lights & keep lights on when de-sloted.
It's been design to work without any micro-controller (purely analogue).
Footprint = 10 x 18 mm.
Input = 12v
Output = 3v LEDs
Not supplied with wires nor LEDs (not yet anyway).
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NEW STOCK - Lights-board for digital chips available: Johnny's Workshop Lights-Board | eBay
Due to its popularity, a new batch is available!

This board is compatible with Slot it Digital chips that have a 3 pin JST (Oxigen and SSD).
It has a 5V input for Slot it SSD chips and a 12V input for Oxigen chips.
It's a redesign of their SP16C so it will operate just the same.
Included: x1 Lights-Board + x1 Wired 3 pin male JST.

YouTube video featuring board: