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Jouef Accessories Box Artwork

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Kev has inspired me to look into Jouef, and although I entered eBay with a couple of cars in mind what I came out with was these, mainly I was just really taken with the box artwork. Anyway thought I'd share, they both look like they'd be pretty lethal in practice on a circuit...

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Nice one Cube...the leap of death really isn`t to be recommended for Jouef cars these days!

However, the rocking road is a right good laugh!
I`ve got the UK Champion versions. My leap of death is a lovely red colour with a red cross sign on the front. Is the French version the same?
Also, if the rails are very narrow you have the Record 64 version. If they look a bit thicker they are Record 68 versions.
Nice to see you getting into the old Jouef Cube!
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You`d be suprised how often they land back in the slots Thai.
The leap of death is basically just half of the humpback bridge. I can launch them off the top of the bridge & they land in the slot 90% of the time!
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Here`s the UK Champion artwork Cube;

Throughout the production run all cars , track & other accessories were sold in these boxes.Sundries such as tyres, carbon brushes ect. came in a small cellophane bag with an orange tab top. However at the end of the run some cars were sold in plain white boxes.

Initially there was no catalogue, just a full colour fold out leaflet. This full coloured racing image would feature on every racing set sold- MINUS the cartoon driver figure & orange band with writing on.

There was only two catalogues printed, both in booklet form. 1965 & 1967. Both printed identical in duo tone finish.
The Playcraft & Corgi brands (both of Mettoy) feature on the front page.
The 1967 catalogue is very hard to come by. Main difference to the 1965 one is the addition of x116 Lap Recorder Set, X115 Rocking Road Set & the huge x125 GT Racing Set. I have the GT Racing Set, but I do not know whether the other two sets were ever released.
In addition two new cars are featured in the 1967 catalogue. x364 Porsche 904GT & x365 Ford GT 40. These two cars are the first not to have Playcraft stamped on the bottom.
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Hi Cube,
Record 64 & Champion are exactly the same.
However Champion was marketed seperately in the English speaking world by Playcraft/Corgi toys.They were sold here in conjunction with the Corgi Silverstone Series of buildings & also Corgi cars.
I don`t think that there was any attachment to the GP film.
I`ve only got the humpback bridge on the layout Cube. The leap of death is up the loft for obvious reasons! The rocking road is also safely packed away because they are a bit fragile(in fact all Jouef track is very brittle).
Never looked at them both together Cube!
Definitely a bit naughty that!
But there was certainly no official recognition from Jouef on the matter.
Incidentally, Jouefs` banked curves were very good quality indeed.
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1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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