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Jouef Accessories Box Artwork

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Kev has inspired me to look into Jouef, and although I entered eBay with a couple of cars in mind what I came out with was these, mainly I was just really taken with the box artwork. Anyway thought I'd share, they both look like they'd be pretty lethal in practice on a circuit...

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Thanks for that Kev, I recall somewhere seeing a nice bit of box artwork on a set that looked like it was based on a promo still from the 'Grand Prix' film (Garner on the banking), was that a Jouef set maybe? Maybe Circuit 64, are they related?

Yes the leap of death is in red like yours with a red cross door underneath. Considerate of them to slip in a medical station! The Rocking Road looks like a crazy accessory too, have you got one on your circuit, what about a bit of video?

You're right Thai that steering wheel is massive, hadn't noticed that, and I like the slightly worried look on the drivers face, " want me to drive off the hill of what? Hill of death? Errrr..."
This is what I was thinking off (the one on the left is a still/publicity still from "Grand Prix" 1966). Looks like the guy doing the artwork for the Jouef box was a little bit naughty then if they weren't in any way related!

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Yes in my sad little day dreams I imagine walking into a model shop in 1966 and buying 1 of everything they stock. Or maybe 2.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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