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Jouef collection.

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Here`s my Jouef collection so far.
I`ve always had a mega soft spot for these little cars as my first two slot cars back in `68 were (Champion) Jouef.
Not too many cars to collect now then I`ll try & get rarer coloured examples.
I`ll post more pics as & when I add to the collection.





Lotus (UK only Champion version)



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Congratulations on getting the full set Kev, it's all down hill from now, just the different colours and liveries to find!

On the lack of space thing, have you thought about having some of the track climbing up a hillside?

All the best, Lloyd
I consider myself priveledged. Yesterday I got not only to see Kev's fantastic collection of Jouef's, but also drive some on that lovely scenic track. Knowing the trouble he has taken collecting them, it is a bit unnerving to be told that you can drive that as fast as you want, you wont hurt it! I was surprised just how quick those cars can lap considering how old they are, and not a traction magnet to be seen!

Thanks again Kev for a memorable visit visit.

Best regards, Lloyd
And to prove that Jouef can go well, there a Jouef Matra Djet standing in 2nd place in the Folm Proxy in France, up against some much more modern cars!

Regards, Lloyd
Hi Kev, you collectors must have great self discipline, if I got either of those wonderful sets, I would open them straight away and put them on my layout!

Regards, Lloyd
For Stoner and others asking about 1/43 racing. As there has not been much 1/43 activity on SlotForum, I am am chatting with other 1/43 builders and will start a new thread with an introduction to the scale and a summary of what is currently available, sometime this evening.

Sorry to hijack your thread Kev, now back to the Jouef!

Regards, Lloyd
Not the GTO Kev, although some Ferraris did the Monte, but Jouef did several eligable cars. I dont know the whole list but certainly the Mini, R8, Porsche 904, Alpine A110 etc.

I see no reason why a Jouef should not have a go!

And you will be getting an Imp soon!

Regards, Lloyd
1 - 20 of 667 Posts
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