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Jouef collection.

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Here`s my Jouef collection so far.
I`ve always had a mega soft spot for these little cars as my first two slot cars back in `68 were (Champion) Jouef.
Not too many cars to collect now then I`ll try & get rarer coloured examples.
I`ll post more pics as & when I add to the collection.





Lotus (UK only Champion version)



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Another Jouef gem arrives in the north east!
They do look very good on your track, I
suspect it is they way they are lovingly
cleaned and restored. You do get a great
Thanks Ian.
They are just a very nice little slot car. Not flashy, but they capture the esssence of vintage slot racing nicely.
Hi kev,
yes I think you are right, they are nicely detailed in a
naive way which gives them their charm.
I bet there was no moaning back in the 60s about a decal
in the wrong position or the ride height to high. Just
people pleased to buy them.
Spot on Ian!
It`s the same with the old 1/32 stuff, I also collect those for their charm.
Here`s three new arrivals.
Merry Christmas!

Manufactured between 1977 & 1980. The Porsche Carrera Turbo. A bit basic, but still a nice car. Common in gray. Notice the drab wheels. From 1977 all Jouef cars were fitted with this style as the brand became " Jouef Competition Circuit".

A type 2 Lotus F1. Only featured in the 1971 catalogue. The type 2 had front wings, no rear wing, chrome wheels, no pick-up shoes & clear glass.
This car is all the more unusual because it is in lemon as opposed to the standard yellow livery.

Featured in the Jouef catalogues between 1973 & 1976 was the Drag Car. Only available individually, & not many were ever sold. A very rare Jouef item nowadays.

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How many left to go now Kev ?
Out of the different types of cars made , only three Geoff... Go-Kart, Ferrari F1 with wings & a BRM F1 with wings (both out of the 1972/73 cheap starter sets.
After that it`s just some colour variations.
Thanks FZ!
The Drag car was sometimes sold with a wing, & sometimes without.
In the 1973 catalogue the artist gave it two engines!
Only ever available in was a bit of a funny addition to the range.
Merry Christmas,
Hi there Kev...

As usual very nice finds, plus they look excellent on your layout, I especially like the "Drag Car", very unusual in any scale..

Once again, Have a great Christmas and New Year....

All the best.. Martin.
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Thanks Lloyd & Martin.
It`s me birthday shortly, so I hope to get those last three cars then.
Merry Christmas to you all,
This light/apple green E Type arrived this morning.
Needed the guide flag , steering system & one front wheel replacing. Well worth the effort.

Got a lovely surprise when I opened the car up.
It has the oscillating motor fitted. This was larger than the later Jouef motors. The back axle holder swivels right round on itself. It was also the only Jouef motor/chassis to have soldering & wiring.
Very rare indeed.

Top of pic. Oscillating motor in chassis.
Bottom of pic. Standard Jouef motor.
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This type 3 Lotus was filthy when it arrived.
But nothing was damaged. Cleaned her up & put a new set of rears on.
This is an early type3, circa 1972, with the clear glass & chrome wheels.

Type1 , Type 2 & Type 3 together.

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Kev, you have a distinct goal in life. Jouef 1/43d. LOVE IT!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you also Cjent.
I`m just awaiting the last three "original" cars coming in the post.
I`ll post ASAP.
I`ve hit lucky with his EType. It also has an oscillating motor.
Very unusual blue livery.

The Ferrari F1 was heavily re-designed for Jouefs starter sets in the early 1970s.
Front & rear wings were added. New body fixing clip on the rear meant that there was now no exhausts. The steering was replaced with a fixed brass pin, which also screwed the body together. No more pick-up shoes & cheap wide wheels were added. A totally different model from the original.
Because of the cheap throw away nature, not many remain. But are very cheap when they do come up for sale.
Also pictured next to an original Ferrari.

BRM F1. As above.

From 1973, the Go-Kart. One of the hardest Jouef items to find intact. Not many were made.
This is the last "original" car I needed for my Jouef collection. I will now looking for more rare liveries, including a couple of cop cars.

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Great to hear you've got the final car for your collection
The Go Cart looks really good, is the motor just positioned behind the driver?
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Hi Pace.
The motor is a standard Jouef one.
They were very narrow & slim.
The driver is they`ve positioned it centrally....right up his arse...

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Excellent my m8 kev, all we need do now is get the track extension you so desire.
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