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Sorry about the delay in getting the results up everyone.
We had 28 in with 26 competing last Thursday at Britains Worst Slot Club.
It was nice to meet newbies Jake, Mark & Graham. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves & will be back again shortly.
Only one big news story worth reporting for the evening, & that is yours truly topping the charts alongside Wayne Oral!! Well done both of us, our driving skills are truly awe inspiring!
Also, well done to young Lewis for topping the kids league this month with a whopping 18 points!!
After the mid month meeting on Wedenesday 15th I will compile a six month total for you all.
Don`t forget that this Sunday is the Endurance Race. Entry is FREE. Just bring along a few nibbles if you can be arsed to.
Doors will open from 12.30pm. Racing starts at 2pm. Ends 5pm.

Wayne Oral 21
Old Fart Kev, with the buss pass cos the fascist pigs at the DVLA medical board took my licence away 21.
Whispering Dave Wisdom 20.
Ironman Tom 19.
Geordie Puffda Good Looking Paul 19.
Stewe Pot 18.
Lewis "da Man" 18.
Cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie 18.
Smoggy Geoff 17.
Waynes World,Waynes World.Party Time! Excellent! 17.
Slotcar Dad 17.
Laurah Smoggy Hood 17.
Graham 16.
Martin with a Y 16.
Wayne Text 15.
Jake 14.
Swop Shop 14.
The Great Ronaldo 14.
Big Mal 14.
Son of cheating Smoggy Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie, James 14.
New Chris 13.
Mathew "Slot Car Senna" 13.
Poison Dwarf Chris 13.
Mark 11.
Alex Schumacher 11.
Liam 6.
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