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9 racers turned up to Yelling Village Hall for our June meet. A twisty turny track greeted us and we all knew we were in for a manic evening!
Firstly the open wheel cars took to the track with the first heat starting at 7:30. The second heat was all it took to build the tension as Paul H, Paul R and Craig all finished within 1 tenth of each other. Jim and Bob arrived at 8:30 to create an impressive 11 driver turnout! Heats continue and all the racers know it's going to be very close for final positions. Roy, somehow ending up in the D final, manages to step up to C with 20.2 laps. In the C 21.1 laps gives Dave a place in the B final but he couldn't improve meaning Al getting a place in the A final with 22.8 laps. Now for the main race, Craig gets lane choice with Tony second in qualifying and Jim third. However Craig cant keep the pace leaving Tony and Jim to race it out, the final beep goes leaving Tony the worthy winner. Al will be disappointed not to have done better due to pickup problems during the heats costing a few laps. The final positions were:

1 - Tony
2 - Jim
3 - Craig
4 - Al
5 - Dave
6 - Paul H (quickest lap)
7 - Bob
8 - Steve
9 - Roy
10 - Paul R
11 - Lee

After a quick break the drivers return to the track for the Mod class. F1 was manic but Mod seemed to be a little more crazy with Bob having problems first with his body and then unfortunate crashes leaving him in the middle of the track, luckily just in reach for the marshals to retrieve. Yet again many heats ended with less than 1 tenth between cars meaning final positions were anyones guess. The D final started leading to a victory for Lee, using Jims car, with 25.5 laps. Stepping up to the B final wasn't a problem for Lee as he managed to gain a second victory in the C with 25.3 laps. B final was next and Lee lead once again for at least 2 minutes closely followed by Paul H and Craig, unfortunately a crash right at the end from Lee and Paul H left a clear path for Craig to just beat them and step up to the A final. Al, Tony and Jim were waiting for Craig and from the start all 3 soared ahead. Al managed to finish 1st, Tony second, Jim third and Craig fourth. Final positions were:

1 - Al (quickest lap)
2 - Tony
3 - Jim
4 - Craig
5 - Lee
6 - Steve
7 - Paul H
8 - Roy
9 - Dave
10 - Bob
11 - Paul R

Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable evening by all with some great competitive, but friendly, racing. Thanks to all that raced and we hope to see you next month.

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