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The only way to avoid this "fiddling" is to run the same cars in the same lane throughout the course of the evening and rotate the drivers. The referee can sort out which cars will run in which lane before the racing starts. You then have a timed event with the winner being the driver recording the best overal time for the 4 or 6 heats of the round having raced in each lane with the 4 or 6 different cars.

Drivers then only run their own car once in the 4 or 6 heats that take place. In the other 3 or 5 heats they race with an opponents car. They are all box standard anyway so this should not be a big issue for genuine participants.

It is only the "cheater" who will complain and of course they don't have to enter do they if they don't like the rules! (Slotforum "cheaters" =

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