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1 hp Trabant is not my real car
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I have Scalextric Sport R2 crossovers and I really like them. Credibility caution: I am a "lounge floor hobbyist"

I have no problem with cars traversing them at any speed, Scaley blue/ black, Fly, Slot-it, Carrera (trimmed for depth). Certainly no guide blade ripping out. Noise over the centre black dead section is no more than over many track joins, especially the Classic ones.

Could just be down to production tolerances and I am lucky in the draw.
But if there is a step mismatch or binding, surely it is not such hard work to trim it.

Mine are staying in the track, definitely not the bin

Just MHO.

Cheers, Isetta.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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