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Hi Jono. Welcome to the wonderful world of Slot-addiction.

I'd be inclined to have a chat to the lad's at Armchair Racer. Jim, Jason, Kevin and the others will see you right. Choice of car is a subjective thing, but if you're looking to join in on their Tuesday night racing then picking something out of the classes they run is a good way to start. The details for their Tuesday night classes will be listed on the website.

Other than that it depends largely on the sort of car you like. Probably hard to go past the selection in bang for buck category (although I don't like any of them other than the GT40). I think Armchair race them sans-magnet. NSR are good if you're in the mood to spend a bit more money (not sure that Armchair race them as a class). I think they race American muscle as a magnet class.

Not sure what Hornsby race with. Except that I believe their track is wired differently to the 'norm' for commercial tracks.

There are a few folk here that run at either or both establishments. They'll be happy to give you tips and pointers.

I'm rather jealous of you having a few commercial venues within reach.

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