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Just bought Sport World

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As some of you might know, I have been racing Scalextric Sport Digital since short after It's release, in fact It was this forum that suggested me to buy SSD instead of Sport World. Glad I did, never looked back to analog and have been happy racing digital ever since. But....It happens I like (slot) rally and have been driving chipped rally cars on my digital track. Track design without magnet becomes even more important, as magless rally cars more than once can miss the sensor for LC. Besides that, rallying is isually done with just one car on track, so no need for 4+ cars at once.

I have the C7030 PB pro and can switch to analog If I wish, but as It stands, It seems I have the possibilty to have 2 tracks in my garage within a few months. One dedicated digital track for F1/touring/endurance, and one analog rally track. I have run rallies with PB Pro and SSDC and really liked the options It has to offer when It comes to timing. So my analog rally track really needs a timing system, without the need of a PC connection. Than Sport World came to mind. I remembered a fellow slot racer had 2 Sport World packages and he was so nice to sell me the 2nd package for a good price (thanks Eve
) and It has arrived yesterday. I am looking forward to install Sport World on my (to be designed) rally track. Is there anything I overlook or should take care off ? I started It up yesterday and noticed version 1.05, so It seems that is all good. I am glad I can use my digital controllers, not sure though wether I can use my Slot It with digital cartridge, or should that be analog ? Any other hints, tips ? Thanks !
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I found Sport World worked pretty well - the pace car function is great and the throttle maps work reasonably well. Just don't run anything with a hot motor - same as digital I guess? I managed to blow 2 Sport World units before I realised what was doing it - Scalextric replaced both with no qualms at all.
For me though digital control doesn't have quite the feel of analogue - the cheap Scaley controllers are probably the culprit. What I'd really like is an anologue pace car system like the old Classic one - or something like Challenger but with some different car body options.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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