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Just cause I'm a bit curious...

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, apologies if I got it wrong.

I was wondering about..
How many cars (new or used) do you buy each month/week?

How many of these is your wife/partner aware of

and last one

How much money average do you spend in a car?
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Don't ask questions like that! The first step in breaking an addiction is to admit you have a problem ...... and I'm not convinced I want to do that yet

Seriously, I only got back into slot cars about 18 months ago and now have in excess of 130 cars (all rally), so I guess I've bought around 7 a month. The collection is mainly, but by no means exclusively, pre-1987 cars.

My wife has only half an idea of the size of the collection. Partly because she's not that interested, partly because they're stashed in a chest of drawers in the spare room that she rarely goes near, and partly because most get delivered to the local shop to save me missing the postie (and thus enter the house under the radar!). I tend to play down the extent of the collection on the odd occasion that my wife comments. She did happen to open a few drawers the other day and raised an eyebrow. I'm just glad she hasn't yet clocked the overflow car park under the bed

I've bought the majority of my cars on eBay for anything between £5 (old Focus) and £60 (Team Slot 205 ... the most expensive). Otherwise from Pendles, MRE, TopSlots etc when there's a new release I simply couldn't risk not having
. The average is probably around £20-25.

To be fair, I am fairly addicted. What started out as a plan to collect just a handful of the most significant rally cars across the last 40 years, morphed into trying to collect the champion from each year, where available ...... and then their most significant rival(s). But, as I've collected more and more, the guidelines have been stretched way beyond breaking point, to the extent that I'm now looking to put together the top half dozen entries from specific rallies (with the aid of a few reliveries). I guess it keeps me off the streets

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StuBeeDoo - a kindred spirit! Glad I'm not the only one

I've tended to concentrate on the period from 73 to the end of Gp B. The following years were a bit bland in terms of the competition ...Lancia Delta ...Lancia Delta ...Lancia Delta... on and on and on ... and it seems like a bit of a lean patch in terms of slot cars. And I'm with you about the late nineties and early 2000s. Excellent years - loads of manufacturers, great cars and good competition, and many reproduced in slot form.

This post has made me think about how much I've spent on cars over the last year and a half (similar to you I guess) and, to any rational person, this may seem somewhat unjustifiable ..... but then I think I stopped being rational when, having rediscovered slot cars after 30 years, I bought my first new car - the Alitalia Lancia Stratos (Team Slot). From then on I was hooked
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