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Just cause I'm a bit curious...

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, apologies if I got it wrong.

I was wondering about..
How many cars (new or used) do you buy each month/week?

How many of these is your wife/partner aware of

and last one

How much money average do you spend in a car?
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StuBeeDoo - a kindred spirit! Glad I'm not the only one

I've tended to concentrate on the period from 73 to the end of Gp B. The following years were a bit bland in terms of the competition ...Lancia Delta ...Lancia Delta ...Lancia Delta... on and on and on ... and it seems like a bit of a lean patch in terms of slot cars. And I'm with you about the late nineties and early 2000s. Excellent years - loads of manufacturers, great cars and good competition, and many reproduced in slot form.

This post has made me think about how much I've spent on cars over the last year and a half (similar to you I guess) and, to any rational person, this may seem somewhat unjustifiable ..... but then I think I stopped being rational when, having rediscovered slot cars after 30 years, I bought my first new car - the Alitalia Lancia Stratos (Team Slot). From then on I was hooked
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I have roughly 80 cars. I'm lucky if I buy 2 a year these days... my wife knows if I buy one though. Because there's no more room on the shelf, when I do get some more, I'll have to rotate ones from the shelf that aren't "collector items" so-to-speak. Some of the sets I have the cars of, so I have no need to race the cars in the set.

About half of my collection are shelf queens... here's the shelf

The problem is I have too many hobbies - like the 1/5 scale Porsche body on the wall for my FG RC car and the Hirobo nitro heli on the floor.
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Some years ago, i used to buy one or two cars monthly because i was keen on contemporary Le Mans cars . Now, i restricted my interest to classic fifties or sixties resin cars and it would be nearer now than one or zero a month.

Apart from the financial matter, the question is connected with the variety of cars you're interested with: If you're mad about both Nascars, F1, classic or street cars, plenty of cars could be bought in a short period. If you're just obsessed by cars than ran the Panaméricana race, you'll be lucky if you can buy one in the whole year...
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