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Just in to Uk

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These missed the newsletter and I could not resist sharing the excellent GS pics. I pre-ordered the Pirelli one cause I just liked the livery better. These look good and will be a welcome addition to my rally collection


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The Stratos looks just right to me. I'm glad I pre-ordered mine a few weeks back now and looking forward to racing it around "Mosshill Raceway". Fingers crossed that I should get one of the first batch. Just waiting now for the email from GS to confirm.

Anybody else who get's one, we could compare our test results next week.

It's a pity it didn't arrive a couple of days sooner, then I could have given it a good test over the weekend.
"what was that dear....., I can't put those shelfs up as I'm doing an important national test"

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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