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Just in to Uk

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These missed the newsletter and I could not resist sharing the excellent GS pics. I pre-ordered the Pirelli one cause I just liked the livery better. These look good and will be a welcome addition to my rally collection


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Agreed but that last pic is excellent, thanks for posting that.
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"That's all part of the realism factor! "

I was thinking the same thing after I had posted that. It wouldn't really bother me so much on a rally car versus a road racing car.

This has got to be my favorite Lancia. Well, that and an 037. I remember building a static model of a Stratos when I was a kid. I hope they get it right, at least close to right.
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Hopefully, it could just be the tyres overlapping the hubs & just needs trimming.

However, there are cars from manufacturers sold with 'kerbed' wheels, it does detract from the overall appearance.

Come across a few more pictures, got to admit it looks nicer than first impressions.

Another one:

Courtesy of Scale Models.
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Here's a thought. Compare the Team Slot version with previous incarnations of the Stratos. Not in the paintwork and detail departments, but in the actual shape of the shell. Should really get people confused then

I must admit, looking at the side window, it doesn't seems to be as long as the one on the real car. Could it be that Diff is contradicting himself?

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On the example I have the rubber on the wheels would need trimming, plus the curve on the side window isn't helped by TeamSlot's pretty bad fit.

But lets face it, this is a rather cool car and until Fly or Scalextric produce one - long live the TeamSlot Stratos!!!!!!


The only TS car I've got is a Lola B98. The tyres were 'scruffy' on that, but the paint and tampo were very good. SlotIt axle & bearings cured the noise/ slop.
Stratos is a must have, I mean GOTTA get one or two of these.

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