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Chuffed - just managed to squeeze a Scalextric F1 in-car chip into an AutoArt Shelby Cobra Concept.

My first mod using the in-car chip and probably the most difficult I will face as you will see......

If anybody has one of these cars I will be chipping 5 more soon so let me know and I will take photos (sorry - was so into the mod I forgot to take piccies).

Why is it a challenge - it's a front mounted motor that is so tight to the guide there's about 1mm between them. The guide is so far to the front of the car that there is only about 1.5mm of chassis in front of the guide. So nowhere sensible to mount the LED.

There is, however. loads of space behind the motor so I managed to squeeze the LED in as close to the motor as I could. This still leaves it about 25mm behind the guide so I was worried about tail slides causing me to miss sensors.

As it's the F1 chip and I don't have a pixie's hands or pixie's soldering iron there is no way I could hook up the lights to the chip. Instead I re-wired the lights across the motor so they operate when the motor runs but not when the car is stationary on the track. I did consider wiring across the guide but as the cars may spend some considerable time just sitting on the track I think constant lights would end up annoying me. I may change my mind and it's actually very easy to reconnect across the guide if I just tap into the guide wires.

I left the famous man off as the Cobra has three (yes three) RF damping capacitors across the motor already.

SO WHAT you might say - this sounds very straightforward.

The big headache is that in the Shelby the F1 chip is SO BIG. I know it's a really small PCB but the Shelby is a full depth cockpit to the extent it has a transmission tunnel for the drive shaft so the cockpit actually clears the chassis by only a couple of mm. There is a little space in the tail but it's too far for the wires to stretch. If the actual location I chose suffers from heat soak I may have to relocate the chip to the rear and extend the wiring.

Anyway -there is space under the bonnet BUT there's a whacking great Mabuchi sitting in it! There is not enough headroom above the motor for the chip to sit.

I ended up finding the tightest of spaces under one of the front wings just behind the wheel with the chip set flat up under the bonnet at about 45 degrees with the on-chip capacitor pointing down and tucked towards the rear. Careful bending of wires means it all fits with nothing rubbing any moving parts (as far as I can tell).

Remember I was concerned about how far back the LED was? I just tested it on an oval with one straight lane changer on each side. The lane changer was preceded by a 350mm straight to give the car a chance to straighten up. At the fastest constant speed I can run the car before it flies off the R2 bends it changes lanes flawlessly. It doesn't seem to want to tail slide so I am guessing the 350mm straights are not needed in front of the lane changers. Didn't try this as it's ten to midnight and I'm up early.

Off to Snurfen's tomorrow to try it out on his super twisty digital track so that should be a good test.

The best part? I picked up the Cobra and 6 of it's mates brand new for under a tenner each cos AutoArt have stopped making slot cars (or so I have been told). Shame because the cars are quick and fun. They are engineered like Nincos. You can still pick them up new on EvilBay for pocket money.

All I have to do now is colour code the cars - probably going to repaint the bonnet stripes in the six APB colours and pink for the spare (trying to get the Missus to understand my obsession).

Single make night racing anybody? Just fall off the end of the M4 and carry on West and North for about 5 miles. Oh and leave it a couple of months coz my track isn't finished yet!!

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We always love to see pics of chipping jobs, especially the challenging ones, and especially if there are no pics already in the database. Be sure to post the pics to the Chipping Database thread so that they can be indexed later as well.

Thanks for sharing!
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