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hey all, am new to this forum

am woundering if anyone could tell me abit more about this lap counter, as far as i know all the bits are there but 1 of the wires is off but can be soldered back, an note sure if there post to be a power unit with it as ive looked on google and cant find nothing about this old style lap counter, could anyone shed some light on it



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Andy: You may have to experiment with where you place the lap-counter track section. I haven't used them for at least 30 years but, from memory, in the middle of a long straight a fast-moving car sometimes did not register. On the other hand, if you placed it immediately after a corner you in theory lose a little acceleration on the isolated strip.
There are probably also theories about guide pressure and front-rear weight distribution, but let's not go there now.

Instructions for using the lap counters should be on the bottom of the box or carton, including advice on polarity.
They used the same power unit as the main track, whether a Scalextric one (pre-digital), a battery charger or a car battery, though you could give them a separate source if you wish.
If the instructions are not legible on your box and you'd like a copy, let me know.
Rob J
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