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well with a little bit of maths right, say each car is £30 right,

for 4-5 cars I could have a nice sub and amp
for 5-6 cars I could have a nice sub, amp and 6x9's
for 7-8 cars I could have a nice big phat amp with 2 12" subs, 6x9's a head unit AND tweeters. OR I could have a nice set of alloys.

for 10 cars I could easily afford any old Ford Xr badged car or a nice project car for example mk2 escort or the like.

for 20 cars, we are looking at 600 quid now what can you buy with 600 quid? hmm
well 2 nice seats a brand new set of alloys and large ones at that, a whole bodykit, a rather zippy zetec engine or v-tec i think not too sure on prices with them.

Reason for this post? well I'm fed up of fly bashing, the trade shows and well generally most things including one of me a levels..

p.s feel free to add more
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