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Okay, no squid here, we're in freshwater country
but that 30 pounds per car is about $72 CAN... close, I pay almost that for some like Fly. But rather than think about it in terms of what I could buy for 5 cars, or 10 cars, or 20 cars, I go about it in reverse.

What can I buy for $72? Not too bloody much! 2 cases of beer (okay, that one hurts to pass up...), or 1.5 dinners out, or 0.20 of a rear spoiler for my car, or 0.15 of a new audio amp, or 0.03 of a new PC.... etc.
See... now I'm getting depressed!

Might as well buy the slot car and be happy!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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