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That's why they call it the "Blue Monster". When you drive it, it's a monster and makes your face going blue.
That Jet-Flag guide is also totally wrong for this car, but never mind...

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Dok, how could anyone with a basic knowledge of how slot tracks work put that on the car?

Was there anything there (like a rubber band) on the original... and were those holes there on the original chassis... or added by the owner of this car?

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Now, now, don't listen to Philippe - he wasn't even born when this thing came out!

The spring goes on the other side of the drop arm of course, and it's actually a very sweet running car! Samy has been running his in Bordeaux and other vintage events for the last 10 years, totally stock and it runs very well... now, don't go thinking that it will wipe out a pro car of the time (despite the K&B "Pro" program...). It was already pretty out of date when it came out (late 66 - early 67), but as a period car it's not bad at all, definitely better than a lot other production cars of the time.

On our relatively small tracks it more than holds its own with 36D motors, although it probably wouldn't be as fast as a good one on a Blue King type track.

It's kind of legendary in France, because Samy's been running it so long, and everybody admired the way it runs. We had many epic battles between that car and my own Ferrari Dino with Ram XL-500 power in a Kemtron chassis.... (pretty well matched, but the Blue Monster was generally a bit faster).

Plus, it's powered by a Hellcat - what more do you want?

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