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Kangaroos hops with NSR cars in APB analogue

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NSR car + APB + Analogue = kangaroo hops at minimum speed & pulsing at higher speeds
NSR car + any other car on the track in the same lane at the same + APB + Analogue = normal driving

What's going on here - does anybody else have motor pulsing problems with NSRs? They've both got stock Evo King 21400 rpm motors in anglewinder.
I know the APB analogue mode sends power in pulses but the problem only occurs with NSR; now I have a new NSR car which does exactly the same thing - I only have two. The cars work fine with an old analogue transformer & also with a 9v battery.

Here's the strange bit, whilst testing with the APB, by mistake I put another car on the same lane and the NSR started going normally - this happened no matter what other brand or type, with or without chips, and amazingly if I put the other NSR car on the same lane at the same they both run normally - no pulsing at all?

Have I got a unique problem or it something to do with NSR motors or sine waves or some other electrical phasing gobbledygook?

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This normally happens when the current draw is too much is big motors but youve added another car and it disappears. Weird. The next thing to figure out is it just your powerbase or all?
That's exactly what PWM controllers do when the current draw is too high but with one car that's unlikely if the new APB is 8A. Or maybe in analogue mode it puts out less? Or simply your unit is faulty like a cold solder joint.
Yup I edited after I seen the other video. Perhaps cold solder joint in the PB itself. Either way I wonder if others have the same issue or just yours? Either way I'd take it back.
This reminds me of PhilR's problem with another brand, albeit in digital mode. Although not stuttering the Ninco PB would heat up Scaley motors so hot the chassis melts and the motors fall out. Funnily enough he used NSR motors to overcome this.

Why not wire the track up as analogue and have the APB plug into the driver station when needed? Either that or ask the guys send out a patch for the firmware. Or even better have it adjustable. What frequency is it on I wonder?
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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