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Kangaroos hops with NSR cars in APB analogue

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NSR car + APB + Analogue = kangaroo hops at minimum speed & pulsing at higher speeds
NSR car + any other car on the track in the same lane at the same + APB + Analogue = normal driving

What's going on here - does anybody else have motor pulsing problems with NSRs? They've both got stock Evo King 21400 rpm motors in anglewinder.
I know the APB analogue mode sends power in pulses but the problem only occurs with NSR; now I have a new NSR car which does exactly the same thing - I only have two. The cars work fine with an old analogue transformer & also with a 9v battery.

Here's the strange bit, whilst testing with the APB, by mistake I put another car on the same lane and the NSR started going normally - this happened no matter what other brand or type, with or without chips, and amazingly if I put the other NSR car on the same lane at the same they both run normally - no pulsing at all?

Have I got a unique problem or it something to do with NSR motors or sine waves or some other electrical phasing gobbledygook?

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Edit: oops wrong forum but I'll leave it for future reference

Just to end the story which found a fix (but not the reason) in another thread - I now have NSR & other high rpm cars going "smooth as butter" in analogue mode by just adding a 104M brown capacitor to the rails(also works if I add the cap directly to the motors).

Thanks to all especially Snurfen & MrFlippant for their testing.

So, it looks like a one-off related to something playing up in my APB, but maybe the solution will help another lost soul who finds the same problem.


PS No thanks go to Hornby customer service who totally ignored my email a couple of months ago. Bit surprising as I've only heard stories of good service and quick replacement of defective items from other posts.
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Hello there, just for future help for all others that might run into the stuttering of cars. adding a keramic capacitor of about 100 nF (104 marking) reduces the spiking of the pwm signal. allowing the ankers of the motor to pass the dead points easier. It won't go away completely as the voltage never gets to a full dc, but more a chopped dc with narrow zero spaces. You add more than one capacitor, it doesn't harm anything. It also reduces the rf noise of your car, as it also acts as a filter!
have fun

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