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KevinS Goodwood Track

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No doubt KevinS can tell you all you need to know!



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QUOTE (astro @ 22 Nov 2004, 00:05)I suspect they are the cast iron tables and chairs from Scale Link (about 2/3 the way down) - I haven't tried them myself but they do look superb in Kevin's layout

Hi - the tables are plastic.

I came across a range of model railway froma German company called POLA. They do a very impressive range of accessories in "G" gauge. G Gauge is about 1/32 and some of the POLA stuff is very effective (an very reasonably priced).

Most of the white picket fencing you can see around the pit area is from the same range. It costs about £12 for 8 sections of fencing, but the good news is that you can assemble almost any width and configuration of gate - they're all over the place on my layout.

You can check out some of the POLA stuff on the Gaugemaster website.

I've also used some other railway stuff - the old advertisement boards for example. I'll add some more info in response to the other posts.


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QUOTE (Nuro @ 21 Nov 2004, 19:56)Track looks fantastic. This is what I'd like one day. Those figures must have taken a while to paint.
Hi Nuro.

Some of the figures did take a while, to paint, but the best ones are the pre-painted figures from Presier. These aren't cheap, but no other figures come close in my view. They also have fair number of "period" looking figures which go well with the overall feel I was trying to create.

Other figures are the ususal suspects - Scalextric, MRRC, SRA. There are some other additions from Britains, and some "conscientious objectors" from the Tamya 1/35 miltary range who prefer motor racing!

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QUOTE (LMP04 @ 21 Nov 2004, 20:13)Looks great! Love the paddock-2-track lane.
Cheers Gary. The paddock track works as well - it isn't just for show. The lane that leads out to the track has it's own power source via a power boster cable. The second lane finishes just before the entrance gate and is "dead" but makes a good parking slot (and stops them all crashng into each other...)

QUOTE (tDI_Fahrer @ 22 Nov 2004, 07:28)Superb looking track! i love the detail you put in it kevin!
What did you use for the sandboxes?



Greetings Gunther.

Assume that you mean the sand traps by the corners? Fairly straightforward - scalextric sport borders, with black tape covering the original red markings on the kerbs. 5mm MDF boards surround the track, cut to shape and covered in grass matting. I cut the "grass" away around the borders, used PVA glue and fine sawdust to try and make the borders and traps merge into one.

A bit messy but worth the effort.

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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 22 Nov 2004, 13:03)TOP track!
I reckon you capture the feel of the era perfectly and that is a NICE field of cars! Glad to see the silver race Aston, is that a much deserved rework of the Bond version? or a repaint of the yellow?

Coopdevil QUOTE I'm probably getting pretty close to my Photobucket bandwidth limit for this month

Why not look into thw SlotForum Membership Plus package? then you can store your pics here at the forum!

The silver race aston is indeed the Bond version re-worked. Front Bumper and grille removed. Mr Bond remved to a seat in the stands and replaced by a driver. A few decals added - done! Nice model now (as is the yellow version). Magnet a little too strong for my liking, will try with magnets off to see how it performs.

Thanks Guys. This brings back memories!!! Posted this originally in 2004. The original track is sadly no more following an invasion of terrorist mice in our loft. I did a "Mk2" version a couple of years ago based on a smaller table size but got bored with this because it looked good but was really dull for racing - just an oval track with an "L" extension.

So, I put many years of prejudice behind me and wondered what a layout with flyover bridges would look like. And I'm surprised how much I like it. Now I get a half-decent straight section, lots more track length, better racing and a geneal sense of more "space" on the layout.

Otherwise it's more of the same - the paddock section, acres of pickett fencing, my "supersoft" tyre barrires and older cars and buildings.

There are still some finishing touches to be done but I've taken a few quick snaps.

New bridge section
Vehicle Wheel Infrastructure Urban design Grass

A shot of the rear of the pit area .....

Building Urban design Toy Motor vehicle Vehicle

Room now for stuff on each side of the straight:
Field house Wheel Urban design Leisure Grass

And I just liked the way this looked
Building Window Urban design Wood Toy

I'll post more pics as the final touches are added if this is of interest. This will also allow me to post some gratuitous pics of my "new" old cars, but appreciate that the old stuff isn't everyones cup of tea.



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