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Kilburn Slotcar track

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I've put together a short video of Kilburn's track and pictures to show those who are going to the event next year. It's a awesome track well worth a visit.

Kilburn Track Pictures

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A bit to far for me to travel to regulary, shame as love track

Have to thought about hiring out like Karting. You supply everything and they pay ?
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It does look a great track and Ian has certainly put lots of effort into it, but it begs a few questions;

Can London sustain a new club? Unless you can get slot virgins to come along you will be relying on existing slotters who already race at one of the other London clubs, which means they will have to find another night to play, which probably won't go down to well with the spouse/ mother, or leave the other club short of members?

Why didn't you join one of the other clubs like Burnt Oak as they are just up the road from you. You could have saved yourself a lot of work and boosted club membership. I know that nearly all clubs are struggling for members so I think it was a brave descision to start a new club up.

Up here in Colchester, we are the only club racing scalex and we struggle to get more people interested, so we bump along with 6-7 some nights. I designed the track so we could marshal with just 3 people, and some nights we have had to!!! It is frustrating but it seems to be the way it is.

Good luck with your venture
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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